Winning Six-Ball Lottery Games – The Six-Ball Gaming Tips That Win

Does it seem like you should be winning more, except you don’t? Does it also seem like some other people are winning the smaller prizes far more often than not? You may be right. There are those who know how to practically guarantee they’ll get three or more numbers on a given lottery drawing.

Winning the Big Prize is almost impossible, but taking home cash for the three and four number combinations can actually be reduced to a method. Think about it. While the odds of any series of numbers coming up may be mathematically defined, patterns of numbers will appear over time if you know where to look for them.

By using some simple methods of arranging your bets, you can make sure that at least three of your numbers will be chosen in any given game. Of course, if you’re going for four numbers, you might have to get a pool of friends, co-workers or lottery pals to pool your money to get the prize, but it can be done!

It’s just a matter of thinking about how you want to win, how often and how much you have to spend to get the results. By figuring out the best way to combine your three and four number combinations, you can increase your chances of winning over just being lucky with one bet.

If you’re not especially handy with numbers, you can get more information and resources below that just might increase your winnings to the point that other people will wonder what you used to wonder about those folks that just seem to know how to win.

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